Phono Solar

Our Strengths

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Simply put, Phono Solar's strength lies in four key areas:

As part of the Sumec Group and the Sinomach family of businesses, Phono Solar is backed by parent companies with over 15 billion US$ in annual revenue. Additionally, Phono Solar has very relevant experience with large solar installations, as we were the sole PV module supplier on a recently opened 35MW facility in the Czech Republic. This plant is the 9th largest solar plant on earth.

Phono Solar's 240 watt panels are in the top 1% of all modules for PTC ratings. That means with Phono Solar, you get a high-efficiency, high-quality module at a competitive price.

Phono Solar has been producing PV modules since 2004. More importantly, Phono's parent company, Sumec, has been in business since 1978 and continues to grow every day. Our customers can rest assured that Phono Solar will be around to back up the 25-year warranty we place on all of our modules.

Phono Solar USA's executive team is made up of seasoned executives from companies like GE, Newell Rubbermaid and Home Depot. All senior executives and managers have extensive experience in manufacturing, marketing and commercial projects.